2016-17 Federal Housing Policy Priorities

  1. Increase Rental Assistance Resources
    Support increased appropriations for rental assistance programs, adequate funding for program administration and passage of strategic housing voucher reforms.
  2. Strengthen and Broaden the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program
    Work with state and national organizations to strengthen and expand the LIHTC program while ensuring the continued stability of the market.
  3. Advocate for Preservation of Federally Assisted Housing Stock
    Engage with members of Congress and federal officials on proposals to address the unmet capital needs and preservation of federally assisted housing units in Maine, including those funded through HUD and USDA Rural Development programs.
  4. Advocate for a Strong Federal Commitment to Effective Housing Finance Systems and Housing Assistance Programs, including the federal historic tax credit and those programs funded through HUD and USDA/Rural Development.
  5. Advocate for the Permanent Transition to a Nationally Recognized Accessibility Standard for the scoping, design and construction of appropriate housing for people with special needs.

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