2017-18 State Housing Policy Priorities

  1. Support the Strategic Use of State Bonding in Addressing Maine’s Affordable Housing Challenges
    Advocate for state bonding resources to help meet the housing needs of low and moderate income people in Maine, especially our large and growing senior population.
  2. Protect and Grow Support for State Housing Resources
    Work to keep the HOME Fund at its statutory funding level, and advocate for the protection, growth and effective use of other important state housing resources.
  3. Support Efforts to Improve the Quality of Maine’s Housing Stock
    Advocate for policies and interventions which acknowledge the key connections between housing and health, including the effective implementation of Maine’s new lead poisoning law and innovative approaches to improving health outcomes among Maine’s seniors.
  4. Support Programs and Services Which Promote Housing Stability
    Support improvements to and continued funding for essential state programs such as foreclosure prevention, General Assistance, mental health services, BRAP and other residential assistance programs supported by MaineCare and the Department of Health and Human Services.
  5. Continue to work with MaineHousing and other state agencies to create efficiencies, promote flexibility and transparency, and enhance partnerships, to include timely and effective use of the HOME Fund and the National Housing Trust Fund, development of an effective preservation policy, and participation in efforts to improve the housing development process.
  6. Protect Tax Policies that Support Affordable Housing
    Ensure the continued strength and predictability of the state historic rehabilitation tax credit, support efforts to establish an effective state low income housing tax credit, and protect laws governing tax increment financing and the taxation of non-profit organizations.
  7. Support Regional Efforts to Address Housing Affordability

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