The Maine Affordable Housing Coalition advocates for policies at the state and federal level which will better meet the critical housing needs of Maine people. For more information about our State and Federal policy priorities contact MAHC or review below.

Updates on our legislative work and policy agenda can be found in our weekly newsletter here.


    • Increase housing production: Update the State Historic Tax Credit cap from $5 to $10M to reflect cost increases and new energy efficiency standards since the credit started in 2008. Align fiscal years for easier access.

  • Cut Red Tape so Zoning Supports Housing for All Maine People 
  • Housing Stability to End The Housing Crisis: Monitoring rental stability bills for Maine’s lowest income renters


  • Expand Resources to Spur Production
    • Support Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act (AHCIA)
    • Seek Treasury Clarity on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (Government Sponsored Enterprises- GSEs) as not being Tax-Exempt Controlled Entities (TECE)
  • Support Rehab of Federally Funded Affordable Housing (HUD, Rural Development)
  • Expand access to rental supports to keep people in their home, or access affordable housing

Examples of MAHC advocacy include:

  • 2023 Maine Legislative Session Summary.   The 2023 legislative session was unprecedented in its support of housing for all Maine people. For the first time, a Joint Select Committee on Housing was convened and also for the first time, funding for affordable housing development was included in the budget – an impressive $70 million for affordable rental units, and another $40 million in funding for supportive housing, shelters and other housing services. MAHC’s top priority in this session was to increase funding for housing production and that goal was achieved. Further, MAHC worked to defend LD2003’s zoning reform that will allow for responsible housing development throughout Maine with the passage of LD 1706.
  • 2022 Maine Legislative Session Summary  The work of the Maine Affordable Housing Coalition this legislative session was marked with some major victories that will pave the way for more affordable housing for all Maine families. The power of the coalition was shown with a couple major victories:

    Our top priority bill, LD2003 sponsored by Speaker Fecteau, was the product of the Commission to Increase Housing Opportunities by Studying Zoning and Land Use Restrictions. Our outreach led to hours of testimony and hundreds of emails being generated to lawmakers in Maine. Despite efforts by the Maine Municipal Association to block passage, the Maine Affordable Housing Coalition worked with a diverse coalition that ultimately led to the passage of an amended bill that will allow for ADUs in all Maine towns, allow for up to four units on a single family lot, create density bonuses, and will create support for towns and municipalities with zoning and use ordinances to promote more housing development.

    In the first session, LD201 introduced by Senator Nate Libby, was passed by committee and both chambers but ultimately ended on the appropriations table going into the second session. The bill was critical for development, as it extended the historic tax credit to 2030. With MAHC’s support, the bill was moved off the table and gained unanimous support from the legislature in the final days of the legislative session. Governor Mills signed both bills into law on April 27, 2022.
    2022 Legislative Round Up

  • Maine Senior Housing Bond
  • Green Affordable Housing Bond, representing the largest single state investment in affordable housing in Maine history. For more information about the bond, please click here.
  • And many more…